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I’m Liz. I am a 21 year old artist and content creator, battling chronic physical and mental illness.

I created Colour of October in September 2013 as a blog on tumblr.

The name “Colour of October” basically translates to the “expressions of me.” Colour, to me is an expression of oneself and October represents me as I was born on October 1st. 

Since that day of creation, my online presence has somehow gained traction. This has inspired me to push myself further with my art, and has given me many amazing opportunities.

Not only is Colour of October a place to share my art, it’s also a place to share my story with chronic pain and mental health. 

I have been given a platform and with it, I believe, is an opportunity to talk about chronic pain and mental illness. Colour of October’s slogan is “Pain Puns Pencils” so this is a place for all of the above to culminate.

Please enjoy and feedback is very welcome!