Arts and Minds – My Mental health story

COLOUR OF OCTOBER BLOG- I talk about Arts and Minds and my mental health story.

So, you know all about my physical health issues but I feel it’s now important to talk about an equally important thing I’ve been struggling with…

Along with my physical health issues, I’ve also endured a lot of mental health issues including Depression, Anxiety and OCD. As you’re aware, art has been such a big part of my life for the last 5 years as I’ve battled with my health and I have channeled this in a recent project.

I got the opportunity to be involved with Anglicare’s Arts and Minds 2018. A campaign that uses art to start vital conversations about mental health. It aims to raise funds and awareness for Anglicare’s mental health efforts.

I participated in their 8 hour art challenge. An 8 hour challenge that represents the 8 people who take their lives daily in Australia alone!  I created an artwork that will be auctioned off, with the funds going towards Anglicare’s Mental Health efforts. The auction will be held on the 31st of May at the Arts and Minds Gala. Tickets can be purchased here.

Below you can listen to my mental health story…

And here is my webisode where I participated in the art challenge and chat about mental health with my beautiful mentor artist Tracie Eaton…

This is a project that I have been very passionate about being involved in over the past few months. It hasn’t been easy though. I have let my guard down in so many ways but I think this is really, really important not only for raising awareness but my own personal healing.

I hope to continue talking about both my physical and mental health in an effort to raise awareness for what I’m struggling with. OCD in particular is a very misunderstood mental health condition. So that’s something I really want to address.

Much love as always,


Here are some behind the scenes shots…

liz pepper colour of octoberliz pepper arts and minds colour of october

liz pepper arts and minds colour of october
My completed piece on auction at the Arts and Minds Gala