Liz Pepper


Liz Pepper is an emerging artist based between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Chronic pain, fatigue and mental health struggles have struck her down. Despite this, she he has been involved numerous exhibitions and projects such as Red Ink Rodeo's International Womens day exhibition and has been a finalist in Art from the Margins, Unearthed Art prize in both 2020 and 2021.

Liz has been involved with charities and campaigns including Anglicare's Arts and Minds, 8 hour art challenge and has donated art to be auctioned for The Board meeting Surf charity's leagues of legends long lunch, raising funds for disabled kids on the Coast. She an enthusiastic participant of Open Studios 2023 and can't wait to do it all again in 2024

2022 Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott, Australian Paralympian and Disability Advocate commissioned a family portrait from Liz in 2021.

Liz has collaborated with other local artists such as Ocean Art Naomi and continues to create custom work for customers both locally and around the world. 


No, who are you really? 

I'm a twenty-something year old, Australian, emerging artist. I have chronic illness which causes lots of pain and fatigue. Colour of October is my outlet for sharing thoughts and creations. The last 8 years of my life haven't been easy but I'm empowered to make my life and struggle matter. Art has been my saving grace through all the pain and I want to share both my creations and journey. 

My ultimate goal in life would be to show others they are not alone. That is what Colour of October is all about. 

What is the colour of October? 

The colour of October is not a flat, block colour, nor a colour you can squeeze straight from a tube. It is as a complex mixture of many different colours- a one of a kind tint.

You see, I’ve come to think of Colour of October as an analogy for the various components of my life that intertwine to form the core of who I am.

If every individual experience I’ve had in my life was a colour on a giant paint palette, and these colours were mixed and blended together, that would be the colour of October.

Dark blues represent the hard, hopeless moments, and electric pinks represent days brimming with nothing but excitement…

My journey (which began on the 1st of October over twenty years ago) has been filled with so many experiences from all over the spectrum that have coloured me into the person I am today. I’ve been sharing the various stages of the work in progress that is myself (and my art) through Colour of October on various platforms for over a decade now.

On the days where my paint palette is looking rather black and bleak, my paintbrushes and pencils are always somewhere there to help me draw out the colour again.



I am passionate about producing and selling art for the everyday home. While I try my upmost best to keep commission work as affordable as possible, not everyone has the funds to commission a custom artwork. It is important that there is something for everyone.

In saying that, I do have somewhat of a distaste for mass produced pixelated prints from discount department stores. My goal is to give you an aesthetically appealing addition to your home that is actually affordable and supports a small independent artist, like myself . 


Where can I buy your prints? 

Etsy is THE place to shop online for my prints-

Equity Works @ Sunshine Plaza 

📍Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

👀 Keep your eyes peeled...

I may be popping up at markets around the Sunshine Coast 


What else do I offer?

Commissions- People and Pets are my specialty but if you've got something else in mind- just ask!

Murals- wallpaper murals are definitely a thing I can do and have done  

Anything else? Ask away! 

All the fine art prints are created/printed right here in Brisbane, Australia